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All About Johnnie
BluesBlues Legend to Lead W.Va. Festival, 7/8/04
Elvis may have been the king, but was he first?
Johnnie Johnson enters Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame.pdf
Johnnie Johnson's Page at the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame
Johnnie Gets Inducted Rock and Roll HOF Honors Legends
Johnson With Keith Richards at NYC's Chicago Blues, 10/02
The Johnnie Johnson / Travis Fitzpatrick Interview, 9/30/99
Father of Rock & Roll, The Story of Johnnie "B Goode" Johnson, By Travis Fitzpatrick:  Amazon Review
Fox Valley Book Review:  The Father of Rock 'N Roll
Native Detroiter (George Turek) Seeks Recognition for
Rock Pioneer Johnnie Johnson, August 16, 1999

Interview with Johnnie Johnson by the Rockabilly HOF

Johnnie Passes Away, April 13, 2005
NPR's Noah Adams Reports
on the Death of Johnnie Johnson
*Listen to Noah Adams in Windows Media Player
Visitation And Jam Session Held For Johnnie Johnson
Rock 'N Roll Legend Johnnie Johnson Laid To Rest
Johnson's Hometown Remembers
Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer Johnnie Johnson dies at 80
Rolling Stone Magazine:  Johnnie Johnson Dies
Keith Remembers Johnnie Stones guitarist reflects on friend, idol Johnson, from Rolling Stones Magazine
Johnnie Johnson Dies at 80, 4/13/05
Johnnie Johnson Tribute Concert, 4/30/2005
The Johnnie Johnson Memorial Concert
Held at the Pageant in St. Louis on April 29th, 2005

STLBlues.Net Tribute Page to Mr. Johnnie Johnson

Blues Web Sites
Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania PA
West Virginia Blues Society
Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Society
House of Blues Radio Hour:  Weekly Syndicated Radio
Show Hosted by Elwood Blues (a.k.a. Dan Aykroyd).
Blues on Stage
 The Blues Foundation

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Johnnie CDs
Cousin Moe Music:  Johnnie Be Eighty. And Still Bad.
Modern Blue Recordings:  Rockin' Eighty-Eights
Evidence Music:  Blue Hand Johnnie
Johnnie CDs at
Johnnie CDs at

Johnnie Videos
The Blues/Rock Piano of Johnnie Johnson
Sessions with a Keyboard Legend

Johnnie Reviews
STLBlues.Net:  Johnnie Be Eighty. And Still Bad
Rolling Stones Magazine:  Johnnie B Bad

2005 Featured Festival Musicians

Bob Margolin  ·  Bob Margolin Bio,+Bob.html
Bob Margolin CDs at
Southwest Blues CD Review

Nappy Brown
Nappy Brown Bio at
Nappy Brown Review from
Nappy Brown CDs at
From Blues On Stage Review

Carey Bell
Carey Bell Bio  ·  Carey Bell Bio at

Carey Bell CDs at,+Carey.html

Steve James  ·  Southwest Blues Review
Steve James Bio  ·  Austin Chronicle Review
Steve James:  Learn to Play Blues Mandolin

Steve James CDs at Hobemian Records

Michael Hill's Blues MobLinks
Michael Hill's Blues Mob CDs at
Blues On Stage Artist Profile

2004 Featured Festival Musicians
Big Bill Morganfield,+Billl
Big Bill Morganfield CDs at
Kentucky Headhunter CDs at
Blues on Stage Review:  Guitar Shorty
Guitar Shorty CDs at
The Nighthawks
No Jive Blues Band

2003 Featured Festival Musicians,+Hubert
Interview with Ernie Hawkins

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